End your teams isolation today

Isolation is prominent within startups. Buffer reported 20% of us working remotely face loneliness. Join us to identify and track isolation within your team during and after COVID.

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Monday morning reminder

Every Monday morning your team will receive an email reminder to cut out time for a mental or social break as well as a WFH tip. We expect leaders to reinforce this within the company as well.

End of week retro

Every Friday your team will answer 4 quick reflection questions on how this past week played out. Are they feeling more productive? Happier? Less isolated? More isolated? We'll dig in with your employee.

Monthly summary

At the end of each month your team will take 1 survey taking a pulse on how this past month of reminders and check-ins helped them take more breaks and how that is helping them overall day to day

"It can get extremely hectic with work so much so that I'm barely taking lunch breaks and feel the need to keep working. I feel like it's affecting my overall productity and health."

David Warwick

This could be an employee at your company. We can help stop and solve the isolation.

Monday reminders

Our reminders are quick and easy to read. We know teams are busy but cutting out 5 mins every Monday to read our email and our WFH tips will kickstart your teams week.

Friday retrospective

Reflection is everything. Your team can think back, reflect, and report on how their week played out in terms of self-care.We don't hold onto this data but instead ask your team to reflect and record on their own time.

Monthly summary

Use the monthly survey to get a pulse on how your team is feeling and what you can do support them.

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